2018 Boot Camp


Starting in February, per popular request, we are once again presenting a Genealogy Boot Camp to our Club Members.  Boot Camp consists of eight teaching sessions, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm and is geared to the beginning genealogist.  Most sessions will be in the Fine Arts Room at Orchard Creek. Sessions will only accommodate 36 people. Sign up quickly.

These sessions build upon each other so we are asking you, if possible, to commit to taking the entire series, eight sessions, and get them on your calendar.  We will meet the second Monday of February and then the first two Mondays of March, April, and May and the final meeting, the first Monday of June. Please let us know if you are unable to attend any session.

Feb 12          

1 hour: Susan Sperry—“Introduction”- Notation (names, dates, places); list women by maiden names, what is and how to fill out a pedigree chart and a family group sheet, etc.

1 hour: Bob Ringo—-“Genealogy Is Habit Forming”-10 reasons why you do it, software such as Excel, Photo Editor, Browser and Hardware

March 5

1 hour: Bob Ringo—-“What to Look for In Choosing a Family History Program”

1 hour: Bob Ringo—-“How to Handle Pictures”

March 12

2 hours: Carole Moore—-“Census, Part 1”

April 2

2 hours: Carole Moore-—“Census, Part 2”

April 9

1 hour: Bob Ringo—-“Ancestry.com”

1 hour: Carole Moore—-“Military Records”

May 7

2 hours: Bob Ringo—-“Using Free Google Tools for Genealogy”

May 14

2 hours: Susan Sperry—-“Family Search and Setting Up An Account, Gen Web, Cyndi’s List, MO, AZ, TX death certificates on line”

June 4

1 1/2 hours: Bob Ringo—-“History Geo, Find a Grave, Fold 3 and Making a Gedcom”

½ hour: —Wrap Up, token gifts.